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QuickBooks 2013 Now Available – What’s New

QuickBooks 2013 is now available for purchase. Continuing the theme of recent updates to QuickBooks most of the changes in QuickBooks 2013 are incremental. This is not surprising as QuickBooks is a mature software product. Also, in a recent interview, … Continue reading

QuickBooks® Contributed Reports

In QuickBooks® 2012 Pro and above the contributed reports have been improved. The big improvement is that you can now access report templates contributed by other users. You can also share your favorite reports with other users. This could save … Continue reading

QuickBooks® 2012 Now Available

QuickBooks® 2012 is now available for purchase. Intuit has continued their incremental improvements to the software and have added some useful new features. If you are using a QuickBooks® version older than 2009 then you may wish to consider upgrading … Continue reading